• ML 9801 X2 Cooling

  •   Case features:

    5 1/4" - 3
    3 1/2" hidden -7
    Mainboard size - full ATX (244x305mm)
    Case´s chassis is made of black painted metal sheet 0,75 mm. Covers are painted in black color.
    Expansion slots (VGA,LAN, controller) - 7
    Type of PSU - ATX 150x86mm (WxH) - placed on the bottom of the case. Psu can be mounted in possition with fan down (in this case the dust filter (from accessories)  can be fitted under the suction grid), or after removing metal plugs of the vents used for cooling of the psu, in possition with fan up.
    Additional fans (red LED backlit)  - front (2x120mm), rear (120mm), top cover (120mm), side cover (2x120mm) - with removable cover, plus possible mounting of additional fan (140mm) on the horizontal mounting panel inside of the case and on the bottom of the case (140/120mm,  under the suction grid can be mounted another dust filter from case´s accessories).
    Rear of the case is fitted by 4pcs of bushings for water cooling, plus one on the panel inside of the case.
    Absorbing pad for mounting drives.
    USB connectors on the front panel - 3
    Audio connectors on the front panel - MIC, SPK
    eSATA connector on the front panel - 1
    "Built-in" cardreader - SD, MS, CF, xD, T-Flash
    Dimensions (case) - 530x200x550mm (HxWxD)
    Dimensions (packing) - 300x650x600mm (HxWxD) 

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